Two bugs have been found, one which makes players unable to save the game, and the other that crashes the game. The fix for the first one is thankfully simple: when launching the game, right-click the icon and select “Run as administrator.” This will enable saving. Alternately, move the game folder from the Program Files (x86) on your hard drive to another location, allowing the save data to access the game files without admin permissions.

An update patch has been released to address the second error. Those owning physical copies of the game, please download it below or on the EVMA web page. Instructions for applying the patch are included in the zip folder.

EVMA Patch 1.2.6

Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

Sanctum Games is looking for quality assurance testers for our upcoming point-and-click adventure, Trick The Riddle Detective.

Journey underground in search of the ghost train, a phantasmal mystery born from tragedy. You won’t be alone on your hunt – influences both tangible and ethereal will shape both your actions and your understanding of the world you live in.

Learn more here, or take the plunge and download the beta right here – it’s free. Just remember to report your findings to us at or in the forums.

Trick the Riddle Detective

Spot the Ninja

Spot the Ninja is now open for beta! Try your skill at 8 different levels of difficulty as you search 85 areas for ninja face.

Known bugs:
Occasionally the ninja face will fail to register touch. If this happens, close and re-open the app.
Certain pictures will auto-skip to the next one upon loading from the title screen.

Please look for these and any other bugs or glitches you may encounter.

Here is the download, currently only for Android devices. We hope to have the iOS version ready soon.

Spot the Ninja

Spot the Ninja

He’s not actually in this picture. But he might be when you download the beta…

And you’ll be able to get your thumbs on the beta test soon! Start training your eyes, because each level has a ninja face hidden in there somewhere. For Android and iOS mobile devices.


An abandoned subway system. Disappearances. Rumors. Forgotten souls unable to pass on. And a sinister plot in the works.

If you can brave the dangers and solve the puzzles, then maybe–just maybe–you will unlock the mystery.

Download the first beta test now and remember to leave feedback in the forums. The zip folder contains distributions for Windows, Mac and Linux systems:

Trick the Riddle Detective, Part 1 beta